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One syntax to rule them all

Last modified on 2008/03/05


Future plans

High priority

  • hrp::Path language

  • Metadata similar to C# annotations (Harpoon will use the '#' character)

  • Get more people involved!

  • Preserving comments and formatting after deserialization (metadata of the data)

Medium priority

  • Binary format for efficient storage and fast serialization

  • Port to Java

  • Translating Harpoon types to C types (automatically generated header files)

  • Translating Harpoon types to C# types (reflection is perfect for this!)

  • Implementation of the arbitrary-precision number types

  • Harpoon C (C with Harpoon syntax, which means: homoiconic)

Functional language-like macros

I was considering adding parametrized types (similar to C++ templates), but I came to conclusion, that this can be done with a much more general mechanism. I would like to have a language (with Harpoon syntax of course) describing (lazy?) transformations of Harpoon data, which would be actually a functional language. With such a tool one could write. A the moment it is only an early idea. I will expand it in future.